What We Do

Optimizing Community Alignment

Clarity of Place helps destinations align with their community’s needs. In doing so we also help highlight the value of tourism.

We call that community alignment.

Our team offers destination leaders tourism expertise, fresh perspectives, and an understanding of place. We offer you essential insights on how to set priorities and manage your destination based on

  • Tourism business needs
  • Resident & community needs
  • Trusted local and industry data, with the first-of-its-kind PlaceBalance tool found only through Clarity of Place.

Why Community Alignment?

Community alignment is essential to effective destination management. By understanding how the visitor economy fits within the community, destination leaders can make sound, data-based decisions on how to manage their destination and grow their visitor economy. 

3 Pillars of Community Alignment

Tourism Business Needs

What do your tourism-based businesses need to be successful in today’s environment? Learn how you can further their success—supporting the economy and local families who depend on it, while highlighting tourism’s contributions to locals’ quality of life.

Resident & Community Needs

What goals do local organizations and leaders have around place? What do your residents value about your area? Focus on shared goals and how tourism can further community dreams.

Trusted Local and Industry Data

Do you have a true measure of the drivers affecting your community? With our PlaceBalance, gain critical insights on business and resident sentiment, visitation numbers and capacity, market data, and much more.