A Holistic View of Destination Relevancy

Taking a Different Perspective

Clarity of Place prides itself on understanding the entire context in which our destination organization clients compete and the implementation opportunities and challenges they face.

We use our holistic point-of-view to assess destinations from the perspectives of both residents and visitors. We look beyond the traditional linear, cause-and-effect approach to strategic planning and take into account how the various parts of a destination and its community are interconnected and influence and affect one another.

Our Approach

Whether conducting a destination assessment or a full destination strategic plan, Clarity of Place places a high priority on data-based decisions. We can conduct extensive research in your community to understand the context in which the visitor economy supports other community goals. We complement that quantitative look at what makes your destination special with an emphasis on stakeholder engagement — from surveys to one-on-one interviews, or focus groups. Together, this holistic view allows us to understand how your visitor economy and community needs interact.

In addition, we draw on 30 years of research expertise from Longwoods International, a respected leader in market research since 1978. As long-time partners to leading destinations and brands in the tourism industry, Longwoods International is focused on working with clients to meet their research needs and objectives through groundbreaking research, thought-leading insights, and excellent counsel and service.