More Different Perspectives

An Overloaded Point of View

I love ridiculous phrases. My friend, Steve Butler is fond of saying “my hair is on fire” when he is overly busy. Another friend, Spike Herzig, uses “so far behind, I think I am first.” My wife’s former boss, Jan Newcomb would say “the merry-go-round is broken but it’s spinning too fast to get off and fix it.” That is not quite as scary but rather similar to an often-used airplane quote. But perhaps my favorite busy quotes is one from John Percy (and he has a lot of great quotes), “busier than a storm door in a hurricane.”

So why the focus on busy quotes? Because that is the destination world we live in. Our workloads were intense and audience expectation immense prior to the overwhelming demands of COVID-19, but now they are all over the place. In many ways, the paradigm shift of a shared community value is paradoxical. Be everything to everyone and stay strategic. Be focused and adaptive. And we must adapt because it is much better being a “storm door in a hurricane” than a “screen door on a submarine” (acknowledgement to John Percy).

Got a different point of view? Let’s hear it.