More Different Perspectives

What Is Community Alignment?

At Clarity of Place, we believe that a destination management organization (DMO) must achieve community alignment to be successful. But what is community alignment anyway,

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Notoriously Branded

CLARITY TO START YOUR WEEK In memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Some public figures are larger than life. Their personal brands extend beyond their deeds.

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An Edgy Point of View

(The first in an on-going series to help you think with Clarity of Place)

At the risk of adding to your mental fatigue, I am going to give a glance behind the curtain. Clarity of Place was created to provide a system to guide and measure a destination’s role in contributing to community value and enhancing quality of place. To accomplish this, we have to look at relationships and results in many different ways.

One of these approaches employs framing. Framing helps us build a more accurate overall perspective by gathering information from across the community and using it to build linkages to the destination. The function of framing is fairly easy as all input begins to converge towards the center. The physical task of framing is not that easy. Framing requires numerous conversations that at some point will reveal that not everyone knows what you or your organization actually does. And that’s why framing is important.

If it sounds like an approach to putting together a jigsaw puzzle, you’re right. Using the edged pieces to build the frame gives an organized approach at assembling an accurate, meaningful picture. And besides who really has time to build a picture from the inside out these days. Our communities face plenty of challenges, so let’s solve our puzzles the easiest way possible.

Or better yet, let us help.