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What Is Community Alignment?

At Clarity of Place, we believe that a destination management organization (DMO) must achieve community alignment to be successful. But what is community alignment anyway,

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A Sanitized Point of View

On the scale of phrases that I could live without, “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is much less nauseating than “new normal”, “unprecedented times”, and “uncharted waters”. So, in the spirit of using the crisis, there are some interesting partnerships that are being forged. Hotels are forming alliances with big name health providers (Four Seasons with Johns Hopkins, Hilton with Mayo Clinic). Airlines are working together (American and JetBlue) to attempt to speed recovery efforts. Destinations are adapting to their needs with medical advisors, new local deals, bundled PPE giveaways, and pledges.

If there were ever a time to think and act boldly, it is now. This opportunity to climb in bed with a wild new partner is brought to you by COVID-19.

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