A Toolbox for Destination Advocacy

Our system filters and interprets information and data in the context of what matters most to a destination's ability to impact its overall community. This allows organizations to carry out their stated strategy and long-term vision while reacting to external shocks or opportunities.



We consider a broad range of community inputs and how each impacts a destination's ability to increase visitation and enhance community shared value. This gives place-based organizations a system to measure the destination's role in contributing to community value and enhancing quality of place.

Broad range of community inputs


Our Community Input Management System provides a framework for destinations to understand how they effect and how they are affected by their entire community. Based on the inputs, we help destination organizations identify areas where they may need to pivot to react to changes or best pursue their long-range goals.

Measuring and Monitoring

Rather than considering a destination's competitiveness as a snapshot in time, we continue to monitor and interpret how market changes and additions to a destination's product impact the community.

This allows destinations to be more proactive and agile as needed.

It connects the destination outcomes to each and every audience and shows Community Shared Value.

Ongoing monitoring and adjusting as needed