A Different Point of View

We consider issues affecting tourism and placemaking from a variety of angles. Having a variety of perspectives help us see the bigger picture. It also forces us to think outside traditional boxes and verticals. We'll capture our musings (and sometime random thoughts) in this blog.

Being the Livable Destination

By David Holder Nov 12, 2020

The destination field has never suffered from a shortage of words.  From the alphabet soup of industry associations to an ever-changing lexicon that is updated to resonate more fully with community leaders, we name and rename to describe functions, directions and vacations (staycations, virtu-cations, edu-cations, etc.).  So, here is a…


Tourism and Economic Development Collaboration: Examples of Win-Wins

By Tina Valdecanas Nov 12, 2020

During a panel we facilitated at the DI Advocacy Summit our friends in Fort Collins and Winnipeg shared examples of destination and economic development organizations working together. Here are a few more.


Notoriously Branded

By David Holder Sep 28, 2020

CLARITY TO START YOUR WEEK In memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Some public figures are larger than life. Their personal brands extend beyond their deeds. They are engrained in our culture.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a prolific impact on freedom and social justice long before being appointed to be the…


If you can own it, own it.

By David Holder Sep 21, 2020

CLARITY TO START YOUR WEEK In memory of Chadwick Boseman. Thanks to the imagination of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the acting of Chadwick Boseman and the creative talents at Marvel Studios, Black Panther and his mythical home of Wakanda came to life. As fictional as Wakanda might be, many wanted…


An Edgy Point of View

By David Holder Aug 25, 2020

(The first in an on-going series to help you think with Clarity of Place) At the risk of adding to your mental fatigue, I am going to give a glance behind the curtain. Clarity of Place was created to provide a system to guide and measure a destination’s role in…


A Scarred Point of View

By David Holder Aug 24, 2020

(Post 5 of 5 in the “Don’t Say Recovery” Series) Let’s review. It all started with a virus. Yes, that one. No need to go into detail, but many suffered. Lives and livelihoods were lost. Industries were decimated. The impact on places and people was cataclysmic.  It seems like a…


A Systems-based Perspective

By Tina Valdecanas Aug 21, 2020

As the old saying goes, “If you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” I guess that explains why as an INTJ (in Myers-Briggs-speak), everything looks like a system to me. At least that’s where the idea of Clarity of Place started for me. Why systems? Each system has a…


A Reactive Point of View

By David Holder Aug 21, 2020

(Post 4 of 5 in the “Don’t Say Recovery” Series) If the first two steps of the healing process, stopping the bleeding and clotting/scabbing, are awkwardly painful and uncomfortable to you, this step will likely feel more natural. The third stage is growth and rebuilding. For most economic development or…


An Uncomfortable Point of View

By David Holder Aug 20, 2020

(Post 3 of 5 in the “Don’t Say Recovery” Series) Clotting and scabbing are gross. That was the working title for this post, but logic and respect for readers intervened resulting in a more appropriate title. You can thank me later. Clotting and scabbing are necessary. The second stage of…


A Triage Point of View

By David Holder Aug 19, 2020

(Post 2 of 5 in the “Don’t Say Recovery” Series) What you are about to read may disturb you. It really is okay if you need walk away for a little while. Trauma isn’t pretty, and 2020 has been overly traumatic. Disturbingly enough, the year isn’t close to being over.…